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President and the Chief Instructor:  Milan Bojic

Address :  Braće Subotić 12,   76300 Bijeljina

  +387 55 215 006   

+387 65 908 587


         The club established in 1997, and number of it`s members is growing since. He reached his way to the top while overcoming many obstacles, often equipped only with his enthusiasm and efforts of Mr. Milan Bojic. There were many critical moments that were quickly overcome thanks to the talents of those who train here and who helped this club become a success.

         Mr. Milan Bojic is establisher and manager of the club. Nowadays he works as Chief Instructor and also as the president of the club. It is the wide experience in teaching and working with children ( during his time in KK Panteri where he was the Chief Instructor) that makes him such a good teacher and expert at identifying children`s needs and abilities and make of them real talents. His main aim in working with children is developing social activities, good behavior and showing more respect for other people. The clubs` members are obligated to avoid all kinds of  vices and to live health life.     Click here for more info  

          In the beginning of existing the club had no many to send its members to the international tournaments. In those times there were not  any donors who might help. In spite of that, the club managed to get good results both in national and international tournaments. Thanks to Kosig Danube Insurance and Zlatko Jokovic, as the leading insurance company in The republic of Srpska, the club has opportunity to travel and win medals all over the world.

           The clubs` members have training courses at the “Sokolsi dom” sports hall, at the “Dragan and Zoran” nursery, “St. Stefan” hotel, elementary school in Batkovic and at the Culture House  in Balatun. Also they have trainings in the private hall that Milan Bojic had it made. The club participated in tournaments in many countries. Those are: Scandinavian championship Malma – Sweden, Bavaria championship Inglstat, Minhen – Germany, Open Lucenec, Novohrad – Slovakia, Tatabanja Open Budapest – Hungary,

The hall that Milan Bojic had it built

Slovakia Open, Bratislava – Slovakia, Miskolc – Hungary, Memorial David Mastoro – Italy, Krokojama Cup, Koblenc – Germany, Bohemia Cup, Prag – The Czech Republic, Austria Open, Salzburg – Austria, Banzai Cup, Arad – Romania, Slovenia Open, Sevnica, Novo Mesto – Slovenia, Sasen – Anhalt Open, Quedlinburg – Germany.

The clubs` competitors who won medals are: Sladjan Stanisic, Stanoje Trakilovic, Dusko Simic, Milica Ignjatov, Suncica Simeunovic, Dragana Vukovic, Ivana Simic, Dragana Simeunovic, Aleksa Obradovic, Dejan Stevanovic, Mitar Bojic, Dusko Simic and Maja Bircakovic. Well done to all who participated, as well.


The instructors`  main aims and goals are:

- to train, teach and educate using their karate skills and other martial arts.

- to promote, help, start and take systematically physical education of their students  managing develop students` health, working ability and readiness for country defense in that way.

- to manage high quality of self – defense skills, in the association with  sports organizations, schools, faculties, clubs and labor organizations, for the purpose of civil safety.

- to develop habits of  systematically training karate and other martial arts of citizen all ages.

- to follow and help training the most successful members and instructors, for the purpose of gaining the highest results.

- to organize teaching and training courses both in national and international level and to do other activities in purpose of educating youth, reaching top quality of competitors, instructions and judges.

- to follow competition system of karate sport along with teaching best competitors from youngest to oldest age in single and team competition in both national and international tournaments.

- to organize karate tournaments, competitions and performances which reflects a good quality of our members, all with the aim of advertising the club.

- to form karate units within schools, universities and companies; to ensure conditions and trainings for all who are interested in karate and recreation and other physical activities.

- to develop international co – operation based on clubs` and other sports organizations legal rules.












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