UFC Jan Blachowicz vs Nikita Krylov

Rumors about Nikita Krylov’s next fight have been spread for a long time, various candidates have been already considered as his rival. Such discussions became even more intense when the fighter didn’t agree on extension of the contract with the Russian promotion which began to feel certain difficulties of financial character. As a result, the Russian made the decision to return back to UFC.

There has been recently the official news about the fight of the Ukrainian fighter against the rival from Poland Jan Blachowicz. Their meeting will take place within the UFC Fight Night 136 tournament which is planned on the 15th of September.

Kamil Hajiyev, who holds holding a leading position in Fight Nights, has declared about the intention of the Ukrainian fighter to sign a contract with UFC for at least two years. Thus, Krylov will hold the first fight after a pause in the octagon under banners of this organization which is today one of the largest in the world League.

It is worth noting that Nikita Krylov decided to make a pause in the fighting about two years ago, and the reason for this was his defeat in the battle against Misha Cirkunov. The Ukrainian had won five consecutive fights before, and he had managed to win a victory over very strong fighters. In particular, he had managed to defeat rivals such as Emanuel Newton and Maro Perak, who were knocked out then. Then he fought against Fabio Maldonado and also won him. Five consecutive victories in the battles allowed Krylov to win the championship belt.

The defeat in the fight against Cirkunov was regarded as a certain sign and therefore he left UFC and began to fight under the auspices of the Russian promotion of Fight Nights Global. As it became known later, such transition was connected only with a financial component because Fight Nights Global had offered Krylov more favorable conditions.

The Ukrainian had been in the cage in a new promotion for four times and had even managed to win the World Championship. However, the time passed and the sports ambitions of the young fighter became much stronger. As a result, Nikita made a decision to return to UFC to have an opportunity to fight against the world’s elite of mixed martial arts.

This time the Ukrainian fighter has to fight against the opponent from Poland – 35-year-old athlete Ian Blachowicz. It should be noted that he takes the fourth position in a rating of UFC. Nikita makes big bets on this meeting, it is very important to him. If Krylov wins Blachowicz, he will have a chance to break into the top five of the strongest fighters in the light heavyweight, and it promises great prospects, for example, the fight for the title of UFC champion.

As for Jan, he has already had 9 fights in UFC and won 5 of them. As for his victories, we should note the fights against Jimi Manuwa, Ilir Latifi and Jared Cannonier. Blachowicz has long been famous as a powerful and tenacious fighter, and each his appearance in the octagon foreshadows a spectacular match for the audience.

It is worth noting that the Polish fighter has quite a rich arsenal, in particular, he is very good at boxing, and he makes a great emphasis on it. Jan tries to take a leading position in the majority of the duels, doing everything possible for serious pressure in relation to the rival. He feels the distance well and keeps it with the help of a fairly well-placed jab.

If he finds his “wave” in a battle, he hits series, and pays special attention to the head and the body of the competitor. However, the wrestling qualities of Blachowicz are not as good as his boxing work.

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