Fight Night 136 Sat. Sep. 15 lineup

Moscow will witness quite an interesting event on the 15th of September, 2018, which has not been held in this country before. Saturday evening will see UFC FIGHT NIGHT 136, in the framework of which the octagon will bring together well-known fighters, so there is a good chance to see very spectacular duels.

Given the fact that the whole event takes place in Russia, it is logical that the card will include a large number of Russian fighters, or fighters who are geographically close to this country. So, let’s pay closer attention to the list of preliminary and main cards. First of all, it should be noted that the 15th of September will witness duels in various weight categories.

Merab Dvalishvili, who will fight against Terrion Ware, will represent the lightest weight category. Representatives of welterweight category will be Claudio Silva, who will fight against his opponent Ramazan Emeev. The UFC 136 FIGHT NIGHT will also hold a meeting between the fighters of the lightest weight category, and we are talking about Merab Dvalishvili, who will fight against Terrion Ware.

A very interesting card is presented in the light heavyweight and heavyweight categories, which will include three fights, which are considered the main ones. In particular, the light heavyweight category is presented by Nikita Krylov and Ian Blachowicz. The fighter from Ukraine (Krylov) has made a decision to return to UFC and his first opponent will be the Polish fighter Blachowicz.

The Ukrainian fighter makes a big bet on this fight because he can count on getting to the top five of the strongest fighters of UFC in case of victory. It also promises the prospect of fighting for a good prize, and we shouldn’t forget about the possibility to compete for the title in the future. However, all this is possible only if Krylov wins his opponent. Jan is a skilled fighter who has already had 9 fights under the auspices of UFC, and 5 fights have ended with a victory of the Polish fighter.

Thus, if Blachowicz is a supporter of boxing equipment, then Nikita often uses a variety of techniques of kickboxing and karate.

Therefore the majority of people think that the Ukrainian fighter has more chances to get a victory against the Polish rival. At the same time Jan is more massive, and therefore slow, but Nikita is more flexible and looks like a fit fighter.

Of course, all these are preliminary forecasts and we will see the final result at the fight in Moscow. In any case, we can assume that the fight should be spectacular and interesting for the audience.

Moscow will bring together two more interesting fighters on the 15th of September. They are representatives of heavyweight category – Andrei Arlovski and Shamil Abdurakhimov. It is possible to say safely that Andrei is already a legend of mixed single combats. Here he will enter the ring against a fighter from Russia Shamil Abdurakhimov. It is worth noting that the Russian made only one blow during his last fight and knocked Chase Sherman out, who had insulted Shamil.

Preliminary statistics of this battle shows that a favorite of this fight is Abdurakhimov. Most fans bet on the Russian fighter.

Andrei is a very good fighter with a great rack and a competitive ground. Thus, Arlovski has two important problems: he is let down by cardio during long fights and the second problem is that his jaw is very easy to punch.

If we talk about Shamil, he mostly uses free-style wrestling and boxing. Most experts of mixed single combats think that the Dagestan wrestler has a very good technique which is supplemented with shock technique which is not the best, but quite effective.

Perhaps the main fight of UFC 136 FIGHT NIGHT is the fight between Mark Hunt and Alexey Oleinik.

Alex is a veteran of the octagon, although he has earned the nickname of “boa” not for nothing. The Russian fighter will fight against the same “elderly” fighter, who is 44 years old.

Mark has quite a strong arsenal, he works well both in a rack and with a partner. He is a very hardy fighter, who is able to stand the blows to the head. We should also note the fact that Hunt has one important quality for the fighter of mixed single combats – he can finish a duel with one blow.

Speaking about Aleksei, then the most beneficial position is on the ground. He is a true virtuoso of grappling, who can find a way to make a blow even in the most uncomfortable position. As for the technique of the Russian fighter, we cannot call it perfect, although the effectiveness of their kicks has been repeatedly proven in fights.

Taking into account the fact that the meeting of Hunt and Oleynik will be the main one at the tournament in Moscow, they will hold five rounds in the octagon. It will show the strongest fighter of this pair.

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