Hello, my name is David and I greet you!

You are on my personal blog, the main theme of which is mixed martial arts. I want to note that MMA are my long-standing passion. I will post a variety of information dedicated directly to the world of mixed martial arts. Here you will be able to see a variety of highlights, the reviews of broadcasts and fights, as well as teasers of the upcoming battles and this list is not limited.

I want to note that my real life is not connected with MMA, as I am a software developer. I write this blog in free time. I also like going for walks and communicating with my friends. Moreover, I like travelling, watching various interesting programs on TV. That’s why I’m just an ordinary person as you are.

I have recently started attending karate trainings, but I do not have an ambition to become a professional athlete, but this kind of sport is very suitable to keep myself in shape.

There are a lot of people among my friends who share my passion for mixed martial arts. However, I want to expand the circle of my acquaintances among those who are interested in MMA. So, if this topic is close to you and you are interested in it, then you can send me an e-mail, add me as a friend on social networks and I will be glad to make new acquaintances.

Thank you so much!